Collection: LED Candle Lights

Flickering, safe, 3D swing flame LED candles with express delivery from our NZ based warehouse.

Each Enkinddle flameless candle casts a soft, yet vibrant flow that is perfect for a wide range of activities. Its unprecedented performance combined with the patented 3D swing flame design allows you and your guests to truly enjoy an authentic illuminated candle-lit environment.

Since LED candles are battery-operated, they remove the dangers associated with traditional ones. The risk of accidental fires, burn injuries, and indoor pollution are replaced by Enkinddle’s worry-free lighting solutions. Now, everyone, from children to senior citizens, can enjoy the simple pleasure of a candle-lit rooms.

Enkinddle candles are perfect for the creation of the most authentic and safe candle-lit ambiance for restaurants, weddings, festive and religious functions. Big savings can be realised from expenses related to candles replacements and messy clean ups.