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LED Column Candle Lights Black

LED Column Candle Lights Black

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LED 3D Flickering Flame Look Flameless Column Candle made with real wax having Wave Top by Enkinddle. See the video below to feel the difference when compared to the cheaper, plastic, stable flame versions on the market.


Choose from different size options.

Long Lasting Battery Life (Estimated):      

  • 2x SIZE C 800 - 1000 Hours    (Batteries not included)

You need to buy the remote separately from us. 

  • Patented 3D Swing Flickering Flame LED Technology Patent Number US 9,885,452 B2
  • Radiant from every angle
  • Fragrance neutral
  • Paraffin Wax & ABS Plastic body
  • Timer options 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours on-auto off
  • Remote Control compatible
  • One Remote for all candles

Flickering, safe, 3D swing flame LED candles with express delivery from our NZ based warehouse.

Each Enkinddle flameless candle casts a soft, yet vibrant flow that is perfect for a wide range of activities. Its unprecedented performance combined with the patented 3D swing flame design allows you and your guests to truly enjoy an authentic illuminated candle-lit environment.

Candle light is beautiful when it is in a safe, controlled space. Since LED candles are battery-operated, they remove the dangers associated with traditional ones. The risk of accidental fires, burn injuries, and indoor pollution are replaced by Enkinddle’s worry-free lighting solutions. Now, everyone, from children to senior citizens, can enjoy the simple pleasure of a candle-lit rooms.

Enkinddle candles are perfect for the creation of the most authentic and safe candle-lit ambiance for restaurants, weddings, festive and religious functions. Big savings can be realised from expenses related to candles replacements and messy clean ups.

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